This is the website for Huntington Beach's yearbook. On this site you can find how and where to purchase a yearbook, see photos from the book, catch up on our social media, and find other answered questions about the book.

2020 Yearbooks are completely sold out. 

Yearbook pick up days were held on Friday June 12 and Monday June 15. 

If you were unable to pick up your pre-purchased yearbook on those days, we will be hosting a pick up day in August at HBHS. 

**Late yearbook pick up day is August 13th from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM on campus. Please use main entrance, follow signs, stay in your vehicle, and wear a mask when you get to the front of the line. Thank you for your cooperation!**


Senior Ad Information!!


Resources. Find where, when, and how to buy your yearbook below. Feel free to check out our social media, some photos we have already taken, and to contact us if you have an questions. 

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What is the best part about being on yearbook staff?

“I enjoy having a class with my friends everyday. It is fun to do what I love with people I enjoy being around. Booyah!”


Elli Myers

This is OUR year! Contact us if you have more questions about your book.

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